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These are my notes for running the ORAC-DR pipeline off-line, i.e. on your own system as opposed to one of the JAC's computers.

First, you need to install Starlink (which includes ORAC-DR).

Linux users should install the standard Starlink Distribution.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard users should download the latest Starlink Snow Leopard Build.

If you want to update just the ORAC-DR pipeline, do the following:

   cd /star/bin/oracdr
   git pull
Mac users will have to download and then install git.

If you want to run the pipeline on observations taken on various dates, the script on the right might be useful. I developed this for testing quality assurance (QA) parameters on my MacBook Pro. The script is based on the notes in the first link below (the extra Perl modules it mentions are included in the Snow Leopard Build of Starlink).

Other Useful Links

Installing, updating and running the ORAC-DR pipeline.

ORAC-DR ACSIS pipeline notes which include setting quality assurance parameters with qa.ini.

HARP data quality assurance criteria for the JCMT Legacy Surveys.

ORAC-DR recipe descriptions including the REDUCE SCIENCE LINEFOREST recipe used by the SLS.

ORAC-DR JCMT science recipes describes the various recipes that reduce ACSIS science observations via the ORAC-DR pipeline.

Official ORAC-DR Website.

The ORAC-DR Pipeline

The JCMT Spectral Legacy Survey (SLS) uses the Starlink ORAC-DR pipeline to reduce ACSIS science observations made with the HARP receiver on the JCMT. The ORAC-DR pipeline utilises recipes that each consist of a set of primitives. ORAC-DR primitives contain information for the manipulation of data in a given state. They are written in Perl using object-oriented techniques, manipulating objects associated with the individual data frames as well as groups of observations. The steps that involve actual processing of data (as opposed to housekeeping, etc. tasks) are done via a messaging request to an algorithm engine resident in memory. Ultimately, data processing is done using KAPPA or SMURF commands. For SLS observations the REDUCE SCIENCE LINEFOREST recipe is used. This recipe also runs quality assurance tests and mask out spectra that fail a consistency check between Tsys and observed RMS. See the links opposite for full documentation.

Example shell script for running the ORAC-DR pipeline

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