Paul Ruffle at Starry Night

Science Revision Weekend - S381 The Energetic Universe

S381 Students 2008

S381 Students 2008: Back row L to R: Paul Ruffle (tutor), Colin Piper, Chris Priest, Mick Cranston, Kevin Clark,
Barry Charlesworth, Stuart Miller, James Wallace, Martin Hall, George Presslie, David Stanier.
Front row  L to R: Nick Robinson, Mirka Trnkova, Susana Mataix, Owen Llewellyn, Margaret Stanier, Isabel Monks,
Sheila Fullover, Janette Harris, plus Bob McWhinnie, who took the photograph (click image for larger view).


B1 Radiation Processes (613K)

B2 Star Formation and Nuclear Fusion (741K)

B2 Stellar Evolution (721K)

B2 Nucleosynthesis and Stellar Remnants (474K)

B3 Binary Stars (625K)

B4 Active Galactic Nuclei (299K)

Exam Questions Summary (33K)


Star Formation and Evolution Diagram (20K)

OU Exam Techniques (44K)

OU Exam Process Word Definitions (32K)

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